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Welcome to everydaytechie.com. This site is dedicated to the “average joe” out there who enjoys technology.  This website is for you is you live for that feeling of plugging in a new computer and entering basic user information to finally see the tabla rosa of an empty desktop or if your heart starts to race as you roll through the checkout line at best buy, beaming a smile that stretches ear to ear at the thoughts of the countless hours of entertainment this New Home Entertainment System will give you, eventhough it has thouroughly emtied your wallet.

This website helps user get the most of their technology with out taking the most of your wallet.

This website also dedicates itself to the free exchange of internet through whatever means possible, whether posting great find in a free song of the week from iTunes or the next big youtube find. If you are looking for entertainment without losing a hefty chunk of change, please feel free to roam this site!

Entertainment Paradise Meets a Technology Wonderworld


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